13 October 2006


I have been reading blogs for many years now, though their popularity is obviously a more recent phenomena.

Protein Wisdom was the first blog that I recall visiting on a regular basis. Jeff's interview with Sen. Kennedy was a classic, and I still go back and read that interview on a regular basis. Jeff's series on Scenes from a Fallujah Bunker were hysterical. In short, the original celluloid-wisdom, followed by proteinwisdom, became daily reads for me. Not only did I enjoy Jeff's style, his political philosophy seemed to fit in line with mine, and he had some of the most well informed and hysterical commentators I had run across.

Spinsanity was a site where I first truly participated in the the back and forth of the comment sections, and cut my teeth, so to speak, with online discussions. That was really the last forum that I recall where honest to goodness debates about politics occurred, and since then, both parties really seem to just shout past each other. Commentors like Hubris, pyrrho, and Avveroes taught me much, and Hubris went on to start one of the funniest blogs on the net, which unfortunately, he no longer does, and is missed.

Rightwingsparkle is one of my favorites now. Sparkle runs a tight ship, and her commentators, for the most part, are good and entertaining people.

That is a nutshell version of the sites that molded my perception of blogs, and why I wanted to start my own. Hopefully we can have political discussions and actual debates around here with people that actually wish to debate with each other, rather than arguing with their preconceived notions of what the Left and Right believe.

I am conservative, and I am a Republican. At the same time, I do not consider myself to be a conservative Republican, and on many issues, I am far more liberal than my party. So, throw away your notions of what a conservative Republican is, because I will not fit.


Blake said...

Hey JD, Is this the final design or are you still working on it? I'm still stunned about RWS quitting though.

JD Allen said...

I am still working on it ... this is just the basic set-up that you get. I am going to try to spend some time this weekend tweaking it.

Blake said...

Okay, let me know when you're finished.